Torbjörn Blomdahl
  • February18th

    Istanbul, Turkey
    February 14-16 2014

    First stop of the World Cup 2014 was in Istanbul. My first match against Lee Choong Bok also proved to be my last. The tournament, however was another display of great play with big averages, high runs and excitement.
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  • December10th

    Hurghada, Egypt
    December 5-7 2013

    Back in Hurghada for the last World Cup in 2013. The first round started with fantastic play. high runs, short games and some surprises.
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  • November12th

    Medellin, Colombia
    November 7-9 2013

    The fourth leg of the World Cup 2013 was a chance for me to clinch the overall World Cup for the 11th time. I had won two out of three so far and had a big lead. But my focus was on the first match against Alejandro Piza of Colombia.
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  • October22nd

    Antwerp, Begium
    October 16-20 2013

    Ludo Dielis proved again that he is a great organizer of 3-cushion events. This time he managed to fill the Lotto arena. Amazing 2000 spectators already attending the first round.
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