Torbjörn Blomdahl

GABRIELS has provided tables of great quality for the World Team
Championships in Viersen for decades.

In recent years the Belgian table maker has been increasingly dominant at world level, appearing in Sluiskil and Vienna at World Cups and, including Antwerp 2013, four of the last five World Championships. At every occasion high averages were achieved. The European Championships in Brandenburg
will also be played exclusively on GABRIELS.

Torbjörn's table

Since I signed a long term cooperation contract with GABRIELS at the beginning of 2013 I will now endorse the tables worldwide. Of course I will do my very best to look for possible improvements. I am looking forward to a fruitful symbiosis.

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MOLINARI carom cues

I am proud to present a brand new line of carom cues by Molinari.

Engineered by Predator, Molinari now enters the market with virtually the same technology that has revolutionized pool.

The Molinari Cues line features very advanced technology: low deflection shafts in combination with the Uni-Loc joint system. Draw shots are easy to achieve and massé shots work very well. But most of all the absence of deflection makes it possible to shoot hard with lots of english without missing the hit.

This is THE instrument you need for 3-cushion.

Molinari carom cuesMolinari carom cuesMolinari carom cues

Please click here if you want a Molinari.

SANG LEE chalk

In order to play 3-cushion good chalk is of utmost important. Using lots of english and high speed makes the perfect moisture necessary. The SANG LEE chalk is delivered with a moisture equalizing bag and the best I have ever used. Therefore I am also promoting and selling it.

Torbjörn's chalk

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