Torbjörn Blomdahl

TorbjörnBalls always played a great part in my life. My father often threw balls at me, sometimes even oranges. I must have caught some of them and soon I found myself playing football for Kortedala IF in the suburb of Gothenburg where we were living. Certainly my talent with this round object was limited. Anyway a professional career was out of the question. We had better change the subject…

At school I started to play table-tennis. In 1971, at nine years of age I went to the „Billiards Club Centrum“ in Gothenburg because there was a ping-pong table! And here I faced billiards for the first time… It enchanted me immediately!


When I was almost eleven we moved to Helsingborg. Together with the Frank family we opened a billiards club, the BK Borgen. I directly started to play but talent and diligence did not show. Not until on one day, I think I was 18, my father said: „If you want to be really good, you will have to practice more and most of all with more concentration.“ Surely, he did not say this for the first time, but this time I understood.

A few years later I already had some good results. And, most conveniently, 3-cushion billiards evolved. Prize-money was introduced. I managed to win tournaments and slowly, and not deliberately, turn professional. Finally my hobby became my profession. I could live for my sport and make a living, aswell.Torbjörn

At that time Raymond Ceulemans ruled the 3-cushion world. He regularly turned up in my dreams. There I beat him convincingly. The first time my dream came true was in Amersfoort 1985 at the European Championships. I went on to win the title, too. One month later at the European Team Championships in Copenhagen, where Sweden took the title, I managed to beat the living legend a second time. 1987 in Kairo I became World Champion for the first time but only a few top players were present.

At the German Open in Backnang 1988 I won the final against Ceulemans and took over the first place on the World Ranking List. During the final my future wife was sitting in the audience with her fingers crossed… for Ceulemans. She did not know me at that time. This would change…

TorbjörnLater the same year I captured the World Cup, a series of tournaments organised by Dr. Werner Bayer. His BWA (Billiards Worldcup Association) was introduced in 1986. Exept for a few short interruptions I was able to defend my first position on the World Ranking List for ten years.

A far-reaching private experience followed in 1994: I moved to Backnang and married my Beate. Our first son Yannick was born in March 1996. His birth coincided with the opening ceremony of the German Open but everyone took things easy and, despite my abscence, I could play the tournament. High-level billiard supporter and organiser Hans Mayer was satisfied aswell as Dr. Bayer. Sadly and very unfortunate for billiards, they both passed away much too early.
TorbjörnA private highlight in October 2001: Our second son Henrik made sure there were four of us enjoying family life. In sports, however, competition became tougher. As the world top was getting broader, I could maintain a place between the first four on the Ranking. I experienced some less successful years until I won the European title in Porto 2005, exactly 20 years after the first one. Until the semi finals I did not really play well but then everything fell into place and I could climb the rostrum again.

But again 2006 was a struggle. In return, 2007 was my year. I won four of the first five World Cups. The first position on the World Ranking I got back aswell. Prematurely I won the overall World Cup. The „player of the Year“ award underlined my successful year.

In 2008 I won the AGIPI Billiard Masters, a new lucrative tournament organized by the eminent billiard lover Claude Fath. In October I won the silver medal at the World Championships and later the same year I was only a few points away from regaining first place on the Ranking List.

Another important silver medal was hung around my neck in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the World Games 2009.

Now new challenges await me. Of course I could report a lot of strange and exciting things about great tournaments but that would take up too much space. Maybe I will write a book. More I cannot reveal at the moment.