Torbjörn Blomdahl


Guri, South Korea
September 11-13 2015

Of the 15 qualifiers who reached the last 32 in the Guri World Cup ten averaged 1,739 or more. Cho Jae Ho was the best with 2,666. Should he ever need to play qualification tournament again??

Cho faced Semih Sayginer in the first round of the main tournament and went on brilliantly to win 40-17 in 9 innings bringing his general average over 3.
I had a tough first match against Jung Hae Myoung which I managed to end with a run of 8 at 33-32. 25 innings, though. And it was not a good performance. Next match had to be better. I especially needed a good start.

Jose Juan Garcia of Colombia beat J-P de Bruijn in the first round and was my next opponent. Obviously a good chance for me to go through to the quarter final. I started with 12 in 2 innings and everything was looking good but then some mistakes from my side let the former Junior World Champion in the game and he played well and took the lead after 6 or 7 innings 20-13. Over and over again I gave my opponent good positions and he took advantage. Although he had some difficulty making the last point I could not find any answers and had to surrender 26-40 in 23 innings.

Sanchez won the tournament in exhibition style tying my world record average 2,739. It was his first World Cup win in the last three years. Tayfun Tasdemir came in second, showing another great performance. Dick Jaspers was third with 2,942 and now averages around 3,000 in the last two tournaments. He won none of them! The level of 3-cushion has reached a new dimension. Which nobody can deny…