Torbjörn Blomdahl


Vienna, Austria
April 26-27 2014

My team FC Porto went to beautiful Vienna to try to get a spot in the final which takes place in Istanbul in June. Together with Dani Sanchez, Rui Manuel Costa and Joao Ferreira we faced BC Deurne with Jaspers, Merckx, de Bruin and van Havere.

In the deciding match against Deurne Ferreira took an important win against van Havere. I had lost against jaspers and Dani reached 40 when Merckx was at 18. He then stepped up and made 17 in the equalizing inning! Rui Costa lost to De Bruijn so we played 4-4 against Deurne.

We won our matches 8-0 and if Deurne did the same it looked like we would be second in the group because of lower average. Then De Bruin lost against Poul Bjerring of Bristol Odense. A great opportunity for us. Now if we could win 8-0 against Bristol we were through to the finals. My team-mates all won and I had to fight against Michael Nilsson, my compatriot. He started extremely well and I played one of my best matches ever coming back to win 40-34 in 11 innings. We won the group and second place finisher BC Deurne also qualified on average as best second.