Torbjörn Blomdahl


Viersen, Germany
March 13-16 2014

Back in Viersen for the 18th time teaming up with Michael Nilsson of course. The draw was terrible. In a group with Austria and Belgium B! Belgium B being the World Champions from last year Caudron and Merckx. And not in that order!
Our best chance to qualify was to beat Austria and tie against Belgium and go through on average.The Belgians beat Austria in the first match smashing the world record, averaging almost 4, and our hopes.

I beat Kahofer 40-22 in 16 and Nilsson slipped through to a 40-39 against Efler keeping our team alive.

Now since we were way down on average I had to beat Merckx and Nilsson had to beat Caudron. I prepared the best I could knowing I had to perform extremely well to encourage my teammate. I started well and managed to play one of my best matches ever winning 40-23 in 14 innings. Nilsson fought well but could not threaten Caudron. So Belgium B qualified and I ended my tournament undefeated with an average of 2,666.

Eddy and Frederic went on to win the Championship but they had a big scare in the semi final against Turkey. Unknown second man Kiraz had a big lead against Caudron who suffered one of his rare slow starts. In the end Caudron won 40-33 while Eddy Merckx lost to Tasdemir 40-34.