Torbjörn Blomdahl


Luxor, Egypt
March 27-29 2014

First time in Luxor. It proved to be pretty empty. Tourist having chosen other places to go. I drew Egyptian Ragay Henry, a local player who did not pose a real threat.

I did not find my rhythm at all but an 11 run saved me and gave me a win in 27 innings.

Dinh Na Ngo of Vietnam stood up against me in the second round. I still could not find my a-game and struggled and finally stumbled over the goal line as Ngo failed to make the last point.

Against Coklu in the third match I managed to make some good shots and won 40-36 in 25 innings. Better!

Choong Bok Lee had beaten me in the first round of the Istanbul World Cup one month before and I must admit that I wanted revenge. Maybe because of this I played my best game so far, winning 40-27 in 22 innings. Progress and I started to feel good about the final.

In the final Frederic started with 19 and 3. At the pause it was 22-0 and I did the only thing possible. I gave up, relaxed and managed to win the second half of the match 20-18. Totally 40-20 in only 13 innings for Caudron who played much better than I did throughout the tournament. My average was below 1,500 and I felt lucky to reach the final with such poor play.