Torbjörn Blomdahl


Hurghada, Egypt
December 5-7 2013

Back in Hurghada for the last World Cup in 2013. The first round started with fantastic play. high runs, short games and some surprises.

Tasdemir beat Jaspers 40-19, Merckx won in 14 innings, Ly The Vinh beat Forthomme in 17. Yüksel made a run of 21 and lost!

I started with 16 against Selim Özden and won 40-30 in 24 innings after having blown all my powers in the first inning. Cenet in the next round proved to be too much for me as I lost 40-29 in 21. Merckx and Caudron both won in 14 innings and Ly The Vinh continued and beat Zanetti! Tran who had beaten Bury on penalties now beat De Bruijn… on penalties!

Tasdemir played another great match against Caudron in the semis only to loose against Merckx in the final. Merckx won 40-22 in 16 and settled down with a general average of 2,222.