Torbjörn Blomdahl


Medellin, Colombia
November 7-9 2013

The fourth leg of the World Cup 2013 was a chance for me to clinch the overall World Cup for the 11th time. I had won two out of three so far and had a big lead. But my focus was on the first match against Alejandro Piza of Colombia.

After a nervous start I managed to grab the win, not without the help of my opponent who just like me missed a lot of chances. In the end it was 40-30 in 33 innings.

Since my world record in Greece I had not had a really good match and now I did not have to wait any longer. 40-17 in 12 against Hwang of Korea put me in the quarter final and now very close to the overall World Cup title. Maybe already clinched but I did not want to calculate and stayed focussed on my next match.

Against fellow Molinari player Choi Sung Won the balls rolled my way a little bit and I won 40-23 in 22 innings. Now I was World Cup winner 2013 but I still did not know. I remembered another year when somebody had given me false or incomplete information and forced myself to focus on the semi-final against Kasidokostas. The other semi-final read Caudron-Leppens.

Curious things happened against Kasidokostas. I kept missing easy shots, surely about ten naturals I was unable to make. Finally when I was trailing 34-20 in 25 innings I found my game and finished in 29 innings, Filipos stranded at 39 after having missed the match point by a hair.

In the final against Caudron I never played really well and was an easy victim. Frederic won 40-27 in 26. But now i could call myself World Cup winner 2013.