Torbjörn Blomdahl


Antwerp, Begium
October 16-20 2013

Ludo Dielis proved again that he is a great organizer of 3-cushion events. This time he managed to fill the Lotto arena. Amazing 2000 spectators already attending the first round.

Inspired by the big crowd I went to work but the start was as disappointing as the year before. I lost to Javier Teran 40-27 in 28 innings. The chance to qualify was still great because Teran had lost to Riad Nady of Egypt. Now I only had to beat Nady in 33 innings. I failed there too, winning in 35 innings, and had to settle for second place after Teran and no place in the round of the last 16.

Strong stroking Korean Kang Dong Koong played 40 points in 7 innings in what was going to be a big Belgian success. Frederic Caudron in the end won the World title in great dominant style. He made a total of 240 points and his opponents only reached 110! And they were Sanchez, Kasidokostas, Horn, Barbellion…

Great thanks to Ludo Dielis for a fantastic tournament. I hope it was not the last time.