Torbjörn Blomdahl


Guri, Korea
September 6-8 2013

A new venue in Korea took over after several years in Suwon. The organization, however, was as good as always. My first match against Vietnamese Ma started terribly. I only made 1 point in the first 9 innings.

Ma could not really take advantage of my slow start and I started to find my way he stayed at a one average level and I could win 40-28 in 28 innings. Another Vietnamese Ngo beat Merckx 40-38 in a fantastic match.
My next opponent Kang Dong Koong fought off Umeda with the same margin.
On the next day Kang was impossible. I did my best and tried to follow in his wake but lost 40-30 in only 12 innings.
Bury ran 24 and out in the thirteenth inning leaving Kasidokostas at 12 and Cho Jae Ho beat Zanetti 40-36 in 17.
Bury, Ngo and Kang all won their quarter finals in 15 innings (!) but the most exiting was Caudron-Sanchez that needed 27 innings and penalties to find a winner. Eventually Sanchez made 5 and Caudron could only produce 2.
The level had already been high but there was more to come. Sanchez beat Bury 40-17 in a 10 inning exhibition of perfect position play. Ngo, who was far away from good shape lost to Kang 40-26 in 31.
In an enormous final Kang then cruised past Sanchez 40-28 in 12 innings to be the first Korean to win the Korean World Cup.