Torbjörn Blomdahl


Peloponnese, Greece
September 20-22 2013

A World Cup in Greece was a welcome novelty on the calendar. I felt a little like a cowboy without a gun on the Ranch. But it was still possible to fire with the cue as weapon.

Forthomme in the first round did not play up to his best and I could win 40-24 in 17 innings. My next opponent Heo Jung Han also won in 17 innings but after a great fight against Eddy Leppens, who is showing great form, but this time stranded on 38. Tran Quyet Chien, another very strong Vietnamese, beat Sanchez 3 to 2 on penalties but that was not the only surprise. Caudron unluckily lost to Savas Bulut by only one point.

I got the best start and cruised past the Korean 40-10 in only 10 innings. I could even have finished in 8. Lots of good positions came up and I used most of them to score heavily. Two tables further Kim Jae Guen beat higher ranked fellow Korean Cho Jae Ho 40-9 in fantastic 9 innings. Congratulations to him! Zanetti and Legazpi tied in 18 innings and Legazpi won the penalties 5 to 4 on a fluke. Tran beat Palazon in 25 innings and again proved his brilliant cueing abilities.

In the quarter final against Tran I took the lead 29-6 in very few innings and it seemed like I was going to record another big win. But the Asian was very relaxed and easily came back into the match. He even took the lead 38-34 and had the yellow ball! Here I made a 6 and out run that was discussed many times after the tournament. At first I felt it had been an easy run but after watching the video on Kozoom I had to admit that it was a difficult run. Tran tied and I did not like that I had to play penalties. I had never won one(!) This time I made 3 but the second one was a lucky shot with position! Tran made the first two and then got into time trouble and probably went for the wrong shot which ended in a direct kiss.

Tasdemir, who had won against Choi on penalties the night before, lost his semi final to Legazpi who was playing the tournament of his life and I was up against Kasidokostas, who also had a penalty win in the second round. Again I had a great start and this time I pulled through and won 40-10 in 13. Good positions kept on coming. An unbelievable amount of them! Of course I was on the way to beat the world record which many “mathematicians” had informed me. A win in the final in 24 innings would mean a new world record.

The final looked like the rest of my matches, I got lots of good positions and Legazpi seemed to be happy with second place and had no answer to my scoring. 40-19 in 15 innings and an almost unbelievable world record of 2,739. However, the old one 2,420, by Caudron was made in best of five which is not easy to compare.

The win also gave me a big lead in the overall World Cup standings with two tournaments remaining.