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  • September30th

    Suwon, South Korea
    September 21-23 2012

    Just a few days after the desaster in Porto it was time for the yearly World Cup in Suwon. Not only did I play bad in Porto but I also caught a food poisoning there and was down for some days. Some people asked what I had done between the two tournaments because what I was able to perform in Korea was really different. Here is my answer: I did not practise more (rather less) than normal and I did not take a look in Lance Armstrong’s refrigerator. I just wanted to do better than in Porto.
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  • September11th

    Porto, Portugal
    September 5-9 2012

    FC Porto was again organizer of a championship. This time we played at the Yeatman Hotel in Vilanova de Gaia, the part of Porto where all tha portwine houses are situated. A moment on one of the terrasses overlooking the river Douro is really a treat.
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