Torbjörn Blomdahl


Vienna, Austria
September 30-October 2 2011

Next World Cup location was the “Wiener Stadthalle” in Vienna. First time for the Austrian organizers but an experienced team made a good job. Franz Stenzel, an excellent player himself and president of the Austrian federation, conducted the operation.

Already before the drawing I had a strange feeling that I would play my first match against Cho Jae Ho, my final opponent in Suwon four weeks earlier. I remembered that at BWA tournaments this was impossible. But as I learned from my colleagues in UMB there are no such rules and so it happened! Cho Jae Ho!

A big mistake cost me the first set 15-12 and as Cho decided the third set with a run of 12 I was trailing 2-1. The fourth set was very intense, getting more and more exciting. Leading 13-11 Cho missed a shot by a hair and I could finish with a four. In the fifth set I held it together and won 15-10. What a relief!

But here comes the next one: Eddy Leppens. He had beaten Horn from way behind in the first round and I knew it is forbidden to give him positions. My tactics worked because Eddy came up to me after the match and said something like “I had NO positions in the first two sets”. In the second inning of the first set he got his first position and ran 13 and out. At 11 in the fourth he then underestimated the difficulty of a tiki and I could record a 3-1 victory and 46 points in 23 innings.

Against Kang Dung Gong of South Korea I played my best match and won comfortably 3-0 with 2.368 average. This lead to a classic fight against Jaspers. He and Caudron had been playing at an enourmous level throughout the tournament.

Jaspers lead 13-9 in the first but I ran 6 and out.The second went to Dick 15-6 and a run of 10 brought me the third 15-10. He then made 10 and 5 in the fourth. (He did that in Porto aswell, but in the fifth).

So here we were at 2-2 with Dick leading 53-38!? Anyway I managed to open up a gap but at 11-6 he runs 5 and it seems like he cannot miss. But here he gets a tiny kiss on a draw-shot which would have made it. I get a good position and run four and out. A great win and final again!

Caudron who had beaten Cenet 3-0 was in the shape of his life but I had a chance and if I could win I would clinch the 2011 World Cup. Frederic was not firing on all cylinders in the first two sets but I was not firing at all. Too many mistakes on my account and although I took the third set nicely with a trick-shot and 8 and out Frederic had his cushion and won the fourth set brilliantly in three innings with a 13 run.

Congratulations to Frederic with his new World Cup record 2.420!
Also Jaspers played great averaging 2.216. I am very happy with my tournament considering that I was almost out in the first match against Cho.

World Cup Standings before the last leg in Hurghada:
Blomdahl 198
Caudron 168
Sanchez 148