Torbjörn Blomdahl


Suwon, South Korea
September 2-4 2011

Go to South Korea once and You will be absolutely fascinated by 3-cushion, if You aren’t already. There are clubs everywhere. Everybody knows the game. It is on TV every day, sometimes on two channels at the same time, showing games from different tournaments!

In this amazing country it is a special honour to perform well. In 2010 I crashed out in the first round and as I saw how the tables were playing I felt that something was possible. Kang Dong Gung in the first round, not exactly an easy draw, but I won 3-1 in a game where both players averaged over two. 15-14 and 15-13 I won the last two sets. Close!

Another Korean, Lee Seung Jin, and another 3-1 win. This time not such a good performance but my opponent was not at his best. In the quarter final I won a long match against Ruben Legazpi (8-15,15-10,15-8,5-15,15-8) but it was not going to be my longest match.

It came in the semi final against Jeremy Bury. Leading 2-0 and tied at 13 in the third I had a chance to finish a little earlier but I made the following mistake calculating a bank shot. 50-1=51!!!!!

So Bury took the third and impressively the fourth in only 3 innings. I had won the lag and could start the fifth set. During this set I must say the balls were rolling my way and as Bury made a brave effort to solve one of his bad positions, he missed by little and I ran 7 and out for 15-3 in 6 innings.

Cho Jae ho, Korea’s Nr. 1 ranked player was my opponent in the final. He had won against sensation man Ma Xuan Cuong of Vietnam in a classy semi final averaging almost 2,5 but I had beaten him twice during exhibition matches the week before and was feeling confident. After three innings which could have meant disaster (three big misses) I settled down and was able to play at my very best throughout the rest of the final. It reminded me of some finals I played long ago. The result: 15-11,15-11,15-8 2.250-1,666.

I would like to thank my fellow players, the Korean organizers, my numerous Korean fans but most of all my son Yannick who flew to Korea to support me. Together they gave me a wonderful week.