Torbjörn Blomdahl


Yokohama, Japan
August 27-28 2011

After some time off and a week under the Greek sun I got the chance to warm up with some exhibition matches in Tokyo before the Japan cup. One day everything came together and I averaged 3,000 at a one-day tournament with Sanchez, Cho, Umeda and Funaki.

At Academy Z in Gotanda I won the 30 point matches in 6,16,6 and 12 innings for a total of 120 in 40 innings.

At the Japan Cup at Meridien in Yokohama I won two matches against Japanese players but got a real lesson from Dani Sanchez in the semi final. He beat me 30-16 in 12 innings, displaying a very solid game. Third place for me and Sanchez went on to win an exciting final against Korea’s Nr. 2 Lee Chung Bok 30-28.