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  • July25th

    July 12-16 2011

    Ramon Rodriguez and his wife July Pinedo received the players with wide-open arms and put up a great organisation. Good tables, good balls and a nice atmosphere made it easy for the players to concentrate on thier game. Also the absence of sunshine…
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  • July11th

    Lisbon, Portugal
    July 8-10 2011

    As a long time member of FC Porto a was part of the team that went Lisbon to play the “Final 6″ or the play-offs of the Portugese League. Together with Ruben Legazpi, Rui Manuel Costa and various players on table four we were clear favourites.
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  • July4th

    Matosinhos, Portugal
    July 1-3 2011

    Two days of rest and travelling after Nice brought me to Matosinhos where Jorge Alipio Fernandez and his FC Porto crew conducted another flawless organization. The World Cup only a week after the European Championships!
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