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  • June19th

    Nice, France
    June 12-18 2009

    The 16th tournament named after Crystal Kelly got a new venue. Le Palais de la Mediterranee in Nice. Luxury for players and audience. A good moment to be in good shape.

    First round opponent Zanetti showed up ill and that was my luck. I won the game 50-47 in 40 innings.
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  • June8th

    Schiltigheim, France
    June 4-7 2009

    As league and cup winner I entered the Coupe d’Europe with my dutch team Van Donge & De Roo trying to win the “treble”. Together with Dick Jaspers, Martin Horn and Jean van Erp we easily reached the final in Schiltigheim. The qualifying group had been organized in the famous billiards cafe “Den Hoek” in Zundert.
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