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  • October20th

    Sankt Wendel, Germany
    October 15-19 2008

    Mayor Klaus Boullion did not hesitate when the opportunity to host another World Championship occured. Tokyo had cancelled and now we came back to Sankt Wendel after only two years. 2006 Merckx had won the title in the same arena.
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  • October5th

    Suwon, Korea
    October 2-4 2008

    Korea, the country of the many billiard clubs and the delicious food!

    To have a chance to win the World Cup this was the lag I had to win. Jae-Guen Kim was my first opponent. In this first round match none of us played very well and I slipped through with a 3-1 win (1.275). In the 1/8 final I started to find some form and beat young Frenchman Jeremy Bury 3-1 averaging 1.709.
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