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  • June23rd

    Stuttgart, Germany
    June 22 2008

    During the Crystal kelly Tournament I interrupted my preparations for the 21,096 meters in Stuttgart. My first half marathon. But I felt fit enough to participate aiming for a time around two hours. We hadn’t had much of a summer but exactly the 22nd of June became the hottest day of 2008. 33 degrees Centigrade and sunshine!
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  • June18th

    Antwerp, Belgium
    June 11-17 2008

    For the 15th time I was invited to play the traditional Crystal Kelly Tournament. This year Raymond Ceulemans stepped down from player to organizer. Of course he used all his experience and did a great job. Eddy Merckx replaced him as player and started with a win against favourite Jaspers.
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  • June9th

    Florange, France
    June 5-8 2008

    Florange in Lorraine hosted this year’s European Championship. I benefitted from a good draw and could beat all my opponents 2-0. Curiously, in my first match, my old friend Ari Fagerström from Finland made his come-back after 23 years of absence. In the group final the dangerous Frenchman Jeremy Bury made good resistance still not playing at his best. During the 1/8 finals averages stepped up, mine to 2.12 against my teammate and practice partner Martin Horn (3-1).
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  • June2nd

    Porto, Portugal and Schiltigheim, France
    April 25-26 and May 29 – June 1 2008

    In this year’s Coupe d’Europe, the Champions League for Billiards, I entered the competition with FC Porto together with Daniel Sanchez, Rui Manuel Costa and Manuel Santos Oliveira. We played the pre-lims in Porto but almost got knocked out. In the decider against BC Elversberg I lost to Jef Philipoom after missing a match-point. Dani beat Peter Ceulemans and this meant that both portuguese players needed to win. Santos Oliveira won against Klaus-Bernhard Bosel after surviving numerous match-points. In the end Costa beat Johann Schirmbrand and the audience went crazy. We were through to the final in Schiltigheim, France.
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